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Recent Vacations

This page points to our various vacations. (more will be coming soon)...  To view the details of a vacation, just click on the picture, or on the links provided.

  Vacationing at Our Seaside Condo

In 2004, we purchased a Penthouse unit at the Resort at Seaside, and we have been spending a lot of time at the beach.   This section highlights some of our activities at Seaside.

  Arial Photos from Flying Trips

One of the joys of flying is to look down and see something familiar from a new perspective.  Here are some of our favorite shots!

This section includes pictures from a variety of our flying trips.

  Flying with Friends and Family

This page contains a number of flying vacations that we took.  Some, like a lunch trip to Friday Harbor or Sunriver will last only a few hours.  Other's like our trip around the United States can last many weeks.

This is a picture of Greg taking his first flying lesson at age 12.  He was piloting a plane 4 years before he could drive a car.

  Superbowl Parties

Each year our friends Bill and Debra Linhart have hosted weekend Superbowl parties.   We have been attending since 2001 and here you can find some of the highlights of these!

June -Aug 2003 Sabbatical

One of the benefits of working at Intel is a paid sabbatical every seven years.  Everyone knows what an intense company Intel is to work for... this is a way to let the employees unwind a little bit, and return to work ready for another seven years of intensity!  Jim has been with Intel for nine years already, so he is two years past due...  the good news is that it will only be five years till his next one!

We called this our Sea, Land, and Air Sabbatical... with: the "Sea" portion being a scuba diving trip to the Fiji Islands, the "Land" portion a BMW roadster excursion around the PNW, and the "Air" portion a flight circumnavigating the USA.

Nov 2003 ArrowPoint (Lake Coeur d'Alene, Idaho) with Jim, Debbie and Kimberly Pappas, and Ron, Michelle and Lori Mosgrove.

This was a "long weekend" vacation with our very good friends Ron and Michelle Mosgrove, and our daughters, Kim and Lori, who themselves are best friends,   This was a central location for Kim, a student at University of Montana, and Lori a student at University of Washington to meet.

Lake Coeur d'Alene was rated by National Geographic as one of the top 5 most beautiful lakes in the world, and we had a lovely setting to spend time with our children who had left for college.

February 2004 Fiji Islands with Vince & Judy Cellerini, and Bill & Debra Linhart.

When Debbie and I decided to go to Fiji last summer, our friends Bill and Debra introduced us to Vince and Judy who had previously visited Fiji.   They were extremely helpful in making our first trip a success.   When Vince and Judy decided to go to Fiji again this year... they invited Bill and Debra, and us (Jim & Debbie) to join them.   We had a great time... and this section shows some of the fun times we had on this trip!

July 2004 Victoria BC and Depoe Bay with George and Laurie

George and Laurie visited us for the second time since we moved to Oregon.  We decided to visit two of our favorite vacation destinations, Victoria British Columbia, and Depoe Bay Oregon.

We flew to Victoria on July 4th, 2004 in Jim's plane, and had a wonderful flight.   What would normally take an etire day of travel, was accomplished in a short 1:45 flight.  We arrived in Victoria on the "Elk Lake" visual approach, rented a car after clearing customs, and then drove 30 minutes into Victoria where we had a Penthouse unit in the WorldMark Victoria resort.  From there we flew back to Oregon on July 7th, and spent a week at The Depoe Bay Resort.

Jan 2004

Jan 2005

Leavenworth Washington

For 2004 and 2005, Debbie and I visited Leavenworth during Martin Luther King Weekend, which is when Leavenworth celebrates their winter festival.  Both years we have had abundant snowfall, crisp cold temperatures, and great times.   This is the last "busy weekend" of the winter, yet the town is manageable.   It is a great time to get away and enjoy all that winter has to offer.  We primarily eat Bavarian food this entire weekend, but there is plenty of variety.   Visiting Leavenworth for the winter festival is highly recommended.



Photos by: Jim Pappas and others
Copyright 2004 by Jim Pappas