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Sea - Land - Air

June - August 2003

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What is a sabbatical and why are we doing this?


June'03: One of the benefits of working at Intel is a paid sabbatical every seven years.  Everyone knows what an intense company Intel is to work for... this is a way to let the employees unwind a little bit, and return to work ready for another seven years of intensity!  Jim has been with Intel for nine years already, so he is two years past due...  the good news is that it will only be five years till his next one!  Jim's sabbatical is scheduled for June 12 - August 18th.

Air - Land - Sea:

Air Those of you who know us well, already know that we have been enjoying aviation as one of our hobbies.  A few months ago, about the only thing that we knew for sure about our sabbatical, was that we would spend part of the summer flying, hoping to visit family in Massachusetts and make another pilgrimage to Oshkosh, the worlds largest air show.  In preparation for this trip, Jim had a number of upgrades made to our plane, including a new paint job with an N-number change from N8736Z, to the vanity number: N206JD (Jim and Debbie's 206).  Click here to see more about the upgrade (use your browser's back button to return to this page)

Land: Earlier this year, Jim surprised Debbie with a surprise birthday present... a BMW Z4 roadster.  After driving her three minivans for the past 17 years, and outgrowing the need for practicality, she was ready for a change... she deserves to have mid-life crisis too!  We hooked up with a group of BMW Z3 and Z4 roadster enthusiasts and decided to  join on the the "Crater Cruize", a weeklong road rally around the Pacific Northwest, with the focal point being the "Cruize" around Crater Lake National Park.

Sea: This was the surprise part of our sabbatical...  On a whim, we decided to accelerate the beginning of our sabbatical by adding a relaxing trip to the Fiji Islands.  Our goal was to have a totally stress-free time, with our biggest daily decision being a choice between a Mai Tai or a Pina Colada.   All was going according to plan, until we received an email from Larry, a flying friend who owns a dive shop in Austin, TX.  His message to us was short and crisp... if we go to Fiji and fail to scuba dive... we would be committing a crime.  With only three weeks till our sabbatical, we took a crash scuba course getting private lessons in Portland where we completed our confined water dives, and our coursework under the international PADI program.  We completed our work on June 10th, just in time to dry out our gear for the trip on June 12th.

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