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I was born in Massachusetts in 1984.   I am a student at the University of Montana in Missoula and I am extremely involved in so many aspects of campus life.   I have worked in the MontPirg office helping to drive new programs.   I also work in the Women's Center as the outreach coordinator.  I am a member of the student Senate, and I am currently running for Student President.

This is a picture of me with Bret, who was one of my best friends in the MontPirg office.  Bret has graduated and is now teaching in Tokyo.   I visited him during March '05 spring break, and during the plane ride, I crossed the international dateline into March 19th, my 21st birthday.   I had my first legal drink on the plane as soon as we crossed the dateline.

Here is a picture of me playing Lacrosse on the University of Montana  Womens Lacrosse team.   Lacrosse was one of the reasons that I chose to attend UM... along with skiing. 


Kim and Greg Making Baklava


Kim and Amanda making Greek Cookies

I am very independent at school, and share a house with another student.  I enjoy it a LOT more than living in the dorm, although there are a lot more responsibilities.  We do most of our own cooking, and here are some pictures of me learning some new recipes during one of my trips home to Portland.



Kim and Dad


Kim Dancing with Dad

One of my best friends (Lori Mosgrove) had an older sister get married this year, and I enjoyed going to the wedding.  Here are a few pictures of me with my Dad.   I really think that he enjoys having me visit now, and we often get into long debates.


This is one of my best friends, Lori Mosgrove... who's sister was the bride at the wedding.



Kim and Yiayia

Kim Rock Climbing at the Beach

My grandparents visited Oregon for the first time in several years this September.  I drove back to Portland to see them, and we spent a few days at our condo at Seaside.   Here is a picture with me and my grandmother (In Greek... grandmother is called Yiayia).   Also there is a picture of me climbing a rock wall that they had set up on the beach.   It was nice seeing them in Oregon again, and I am glad that I could make the trip to see them!

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