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I was born in 1952 in Massachusetts.  I was married to my wonderful wife Debbie in August 1976 and have lived the happiest days of my life with her.  We have 3 children, Jennifer, Kimberly and Gregory, and it is a joy watching them become adults.

I am an electrical engineer by training, and have spent the past 23 years in the computer industry.  I first spent 12 years at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), and for the past 11 years, I have been working at Intel corporation as a Marketing Director.   I feel very fortunate that I absolutely love my job... and the satisfaction it brings.   As the Director of Initiative Marketing, I get to work with hundreds of companies, driving new technologies into the industry, and advancing the state of computer technology.  I first got started doing this type of work in 1992 while at DEC, working on a joint project with Intel called the PCI Local Bus.   I joined Intel in 1994 to define a new standard for connecting external devices to the PC.   I formed the team that invented, and drove Universal Serial Bus (USB) into the industry, and helped lead 1000's of companies to introduce new and innovative products.  I think it was during the USB program that I realized that I found my spot career wise... and I have enjoyed every minute since.   I have driven a number of technology initiatives into the industry since those first too programs... in fact, they are probably too numerous to mention.   I enjoy the impact that I have had on the computer industry through these programs, and a google search for "Jim Pappas Intel" will probably result in hundreds, if not thousands of page hits.

Picture of Jim During an Tech Press Interview


I have several hobbies... and leading the pack is a love to fly small airplanes.   I own a Cessna 206 which I fly recreationally with my family and friends.   There is nothing quite like the feeling of being up in the air... free to navigate and view the world from that perspective.  I love the complexity and intensity of flying... you might say that I like to be challenged, and flying is one area where there is always something new to be thinking about.


Jim in the Cockpit
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Picture of Jim Studying to be an Instrument Pilot
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Debbie and I also love to travel.  We spend lots of time on the Oregon coast... often times at a timeshare condo that we enjoy very much (WorldMark)... we use it as our "weekend home"... without the hassles of home maintenance.  We also enjoy the central high desert around the Bend/Sunriver area, and vacation there as often as possible too.   We have a small camping trailer that we enjoy for weekend get-away trips.   Other hobbies include downhill skiing, and golf.

For several years I was a National Ski Patroller... but I have been inactive for most of the time since we moved to Oregon.   I ski patrolled at a small area in Massachusetts called Wachusett Mountain which was a great place to ski with the family.  After moving to Oregon in 1994, I joined the Mt Hood Ski Patrol for one year... but life at Intel just got too busy, and I had to give up patrolling.   Maybe some day I will do it again... I think that I would enjoy that.

Jim on the Slopes as a National Ski Patroller

On December 4, 2003, after my routine visit with my doctor, I got a call that nobody wants to hear.   Dr Moore said, "It is never good news when the doctor calls; your intuition was right... you have diabetes".  This was not a surprise to me at all... it is a disease that runs in my family.   However, I do not think that I had any idea how dreadful a disease diabetes was until I started researching it in more detail.  I certainly did not understand that a huge percentage of diabetes patients routinely die from horrible complications such as blindness, amputation of extremities (mostly feet/legs), or kidney failure.  I immediately took about a month off of work so that I could fully concentrate on my disease, and spent the time gaining control.  At first I felt like it was unmanageable... and that I might have to quit my job.   Over time, I gained reasonable control... and things seemed easier.   I then learned about a very aggressive doctor in New York, Dr Richard Bernstein.  Through him, I learned how tight blood glucose control is possible... and how by achieving very tight control... that diabetes complications could be completely avoided.   I do not think that I have ever focused so intensely on anything in my life.   I would strongly recommend that anyone who gets this disease to read Dr Bernstein's book "Diabetes Solution".   If you have this disease, it may be the most important thing that you ever do in your life.   I have extremely tight control now.   You can see my data at on my diabetes data webpage.   For more information on Dr Bernstein, including an excellent on-line forum, you can visit Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Forum.

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