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Jennifer (and Spike too)
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I was born in Massachusetts in 1982.  Spike is my pet cat, and he joined our family during June of 2002.  I am a student at Portland State University where I am enrolled in general studies.  

Here is a picture of me holding Spike at our Thanksgiving dinner.  Originally I had picked the name Pika... but then we learned that he was a boy... so he became Spike.   He is a very loving cat, and he enjoys sleeping at the foot of my bed.   He is an indoor cat, but enjoys peering out the rear windows at the birds in the back yard.


I am an avid reader, and almost always have a book in my hands.   I also love music... as evidenced by the big smile on my face when I got an iPod for Christmas of 2003!  It is nearly filled with music already, and it is almost always with me during my commute to school, or other places.  Sometimes I take the MAX light rail, and sometimes I drive.

Here I am studying math... with my little geek of a brother helping me :)   Notice that Spike likes to be with me even when I am studying.  I enjoy having him want to be around me all of the time, and when I am away from the house, I miss him.

I also enjoy cross stitching... and once again, Spike enjoys looking on, and also playing with the loose threads.  

Here is a picture of me relaxing by the pool in Seaside last year.   My mom brought her Girl Scout troop to Seaside, and I was along as an adult leader helping her.

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