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Gregory James Pappas
April 2, 1986 - June 23, 2005


Gregory was born on April 2, 1986 in Leominster, Massachusetts.  For the next 19 years, Gregory was the most loving son and brother anyone could possibly hope for.   He was very active in scouting, and as an Assistant Scout Master, he was preparing to take his troop to the National Jamboree.   He was very involved in his church, and spent many years in the youth ministry.  He had a love for technology, and was pursuing a degree in electrical engineering.  He was engaged to a wonderful young woman, Amanda, who was also a student with Gregory.  He had a love for aviation, and had flown since his first lesson at 12 years old.  At age 17, Gregory and his father circumnavigated the United States in a small plane.

 Gregory perished on June 23, 2005 in a fatal plane crash.  This web site is in honor of everything that Gregory cherished.  He lived a truly remarkable life and is dearly missed by us all.

Gregory now lives in Heaven


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Gregory's Last Web Page
This is the last web page that was posted prior to death

Greg Growing Up
Pictures of Greg from Birth through School Years

Gregory with Family and Friends

Gregory and Flying

Gregory as a Boy Scout

Gregory at Walt Disneyworld


Family Letter Read to Gregory at His Funeral


Gregory's Grave Site


The Last Picture Taken of Gregory
(Click here to hear Gregory's last words)

On June 20th, Gregory gave us a call at our condo in Seaside asking if he and Amanda could come and visit for the night.   After she was out of work, they drove to Seaside to spend the night with us... arriving at 11:30 pm.  It was so wonderful that he and Amanda would always want to visit us whenever possible.  We went out for a "midnight dinner" and Gregory was so excited to describe how is flight training was progressing.    The following morning, they needed to leave by 10:00am, so that Amanda could be back to work by noon.   The picture above is the last we took of Gregory .  It was taken from the balcony of our condo... onto the promenade 6 stories below on the morning of June 21st.  This was the last time that we saw our precious son alive.

God Bless You Gregory - You are at Peace in Heaven

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