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I was born in 1956 in Massachusetts.  I was married to my wonderful husband Jim in August 1976 and have raised 3 children, Jennifer, Kimberly and Gregory,   For the past 11 years, we have lived in Portland, Oregon.  Our three children are all in college now, which moves us to the next stage in life.



The picture above is me in my BMW Z4 roadster, which was a surprise birthday present last year.   I had been joking about wanting a sports car after 17 years of driving minivans, but I never expected that I would really have one!  It is a lot of fun to drive... and certainly nothing like driving my minivan.

I have been a Girl Scout leader since Jennifer was a "Brownie Scout"... and I have continued this for years even after my girls have moved on to their college years.   This is a picture of my final Girl Scout troop (minus Kelly)... they all graduated from High School now.   I will miss being a leader, but I will enjoy the extra time for myself as well.

I have been working in the Career Center at Westview High School, and have made some very close friends.   Above are my co-workers and friends Sue Swaim and Cherri Reinstadler at the Portland City Grill.   We enjoy going out for lunch occasionally and we always have a great time together.

We spend a lot of time vacationing now... mostly on the Oregon coast, or other places.  Sometimes Jim and I go alone and just relax, and other times we will go with friends.  This is a picture of us with some friends in Fiji, where we went for 2 weeks in the Winter of 2004.

Every year we attend a Superbowl party.   This outbreak of excitement was after the Patriots scored.   However... you will not see me get really excited until the Red Sox are playing!!!

Finally, here is a picture of Jim and I relaxing at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego a few months ago.   We had a wonderful trip in paradise.  With our children all becoming adults, we can now do things by ourselves, without all of the worries of who will watch the kids.  We are enjoying ourselves very much now days, as is evident above.

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